On the path to a dream


This documentary is the story of a lone painter who has been teaching painting to students for many years in the school of Art.  The boredom of this workoing lifestyle persuades him to give up teaching.  His meeting with an art dealer and gallery owner changes the course of his life.  They both decide to focus on the market of his paintings.

License Denied is now halfway through


The shooting of License Denied is now halfway through. This documentary is the sixth documentary directed by Hassan Khademi and it is predicted that License denied will be released in December of 2020. Like other works of Khademi, It is a social documentary in the field of women’s rights. It is about An unwritten rule in Iran renders women unable to drive motorcycles, and a highly-skilled female motorcyclist seeks to push this boundary by protesting and complaining against police in court.


Editing of Requiem for Tigris


Hassan Khademi as his new work has edited, Requiem for Tigris, which has been directed by Hossein Fatemi and Mostafa Bilgesatkin. This documentary is about the city of HassanKeif located in Turkey. The imminent completion of the nearby Ilisu Dam, begun in 2006, is threatening to inundate all of Hasankeyf’s historical treasures and nearby villages under a 135 km long reservoir while displacing some 100,000 people. The Turkish government has built a soulless new town called New Hasankeyf nearby, providing housing for the displaced. Some of the most prominent historical remnants have been hauled from the river valley into the new town and plonked among the rows of identical new-builds on top of a hill on the opposite bank.

Tehran Auction 12th


As in previous Auctions, Hassan Khademi and his team have been responsible for producing the Tehran auction documentary. Tehran Auction held its 12th auction, offering Contemporary Iranian Art at the Azadi Hotel, Tehran, Iran. Over 700 enthusiastic art lovers and collectors of Iranian art were present and drove the total sale to 2,900,000 USD. There were 153 registered bidders in the room. The auction offered 118 works of art by 110 artists, consisting of 93 paintings, 5 photos, and 20 sculptures.

License denied

Following the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Iran witnessed Mullahs seize power. As such, Islamic rulings were integrated into the lifestyle of Iranians – some as laws and others as unwritten rules. An example of the latter is a motorcycle ban on women; although there is no law against women riding motorcycles, the police still do not issue motorcycle licenses to women.

Baran Hadizadeh, a 30-year-old woman, is a highly skilled motorcyclist in Iran whose dream is to be able to drive around the streets of Tehran, but due to the aforementioned circumstances, her terrain is limited to the mountains. In response, she chooses to protest and complain against the police in court for not issuing her a motorcycle license. This documentary, therefore, follows Baran’s life, with particular focus on her complaint process in court.