This is the story of the Iranian famous photo journalist, Hossein Fatemi, who has over twenty years of experience. Fatemi used to be Iran ex-president Mahmood Ahmadi Nejad’s photographer, but then was recruited as the U.S Army’s photographer in Afghanistan. He then returned back to Iran to work on an independent project called the “An Iranian Journey”, Which depicts Iran in a different, more than conveys Iran as anti-USA chants, Nuclear Energy, Controversial sermons in Fridays Prayer by hard liners, and obligatory hijab. Some years later, Fatemi received a prestigious award from the World Press Photo. Following “An Iranian Journey”, he was forced to leave Iran in 2013 and is now a homeless photographer who is travelling the world, taking photos of both goodness and disarray, particularly in the Middle East.

In Hossein Fatemi’s photos, the Middles East is depicted by fundamentalism like ISIS and Taliban, fight and bloodshed, drought and famine. Throughout, Hossein Fatemi is the story-teller of such misery. Congruent with his depiction of the Middles East, Hossein Fatemi’s private life is also plagued with misery. He does not have a permanent residence, has gotten divorced from his wife, lived with his sixteen year old son for only two years and thus watched him grow up by looking at his pictures and by talking to him over the phone. He is lacking financially, and barely makes ends meet. He always advises his son, who enjoys photography, to pick another career. The story of Hossein Fatemi ultimately encapsulates an individual who left everything behind and sacrificed all he had to capture the suffering of humankind.

This project is in the filming stage and for five years, filmmaker Hassan Khademi has been working alongside Hossein Fatemi and has been documenting various aspects of his life. We have finished approximately 50% of the documentary. We need financial assistance to continue and finish this unique project.

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